Supporting Staff of Department of Management

The task of the administrative management Department Staff that is Helpful for smooth execution of all tasks and examinations relating to the activities of the academic part surroundings Help and implement as well as servicing activities related to new student registration, student registration, course scheduling, attendance, college students pencetakkan Division and checking the value of the test results when there is a komplim of the student and the smooth process of teaching and learning online and in the classroom. Archive all academic-related dukumen: book report book report registration, graduation and all of the various Faculties/Majors every semester. Receive and mendokumenkan as well as the archive value matakuliah lecturer pengampu courses from all faculties/departments. Archiving documents in the form of a copy of the value (and its alumni transcript ijazahnya) and give diplomas and transcript of the original to the alumni are concerned. Carry out typing the letters include: description description still study, scholarship information, a description of the library, a description of graduate study leave, description, description of the mutation studies and student sign card processing. Typing the letter decisions of officials of the order of activities related to academic administration section.

No Nama Jabatan
1 Farhah Faridah, SE., M.M Kepala Tata Usaha
2 Tomtom Sofian, S.E Pengelola Keuangan Unit
3 Nurhasanah, S.E Pengadministrasi Keuangan
4 Ita Nuraita, A.Md Kesekretariatan
5 Hadiyana Candra Kirana Pengadministrasi Akademik
6 Ujang Suryadi, S.E. Pengadministrasi Akademik
7 Rizki Andriansyah, S.E. Pengadministrasi Akademik
8 Siti Zakiah, A.Md. Pengadministrasi Akademik
9 Mita Febtyanisa, S.Pt., M.Si Pengumpul dan Pengolah Data Kepegawaian
10 Hanif Fataroh, S.Hut Pengelola Jurnal JMO
11 Nesti Handayani, S.P. Pengadministrasi Umum
12 Entis Sutisna Pengadministrasi Umum (Perkuliahan)
13 Nurdin Slamet Pengadministrasi Umum (Perkuliahan)
14 Suriyana Pengadministrasi Umum (Perkuliahan)
15 Ahmad Husen Pengadministrasi Umum PSAJM
16 Desi Susanti, A.Md Pengadministrasi Keuangan PSAJM
17 Suryadi Pengadministrasi Sarana dan Prasarana
18 Yasih Julyasih Kesekretariatan
19 Azharudin, S.E. Teknisi Komputer
20 Indra Gunawan