Extension Undergraduate Profile

Extension management degree program is a program organized by the IPB in order to support the principle of lifelong education (lifelong learning) as well as supporting the Government’s efforts to improve access to education for all (education for all), as well as increasing Numbers of rough Participation (APK) higher education in Indonesia. In order to ensure that the educational process lasts well and produce graduates qualified, IPB applying strict selection process for the applicants so that a candidate who follows the program instead of this type is the best candidate who can meet the standard of education of undergraduate in IPB.

Through a rigorous selection against application inputs and good quality assurance system IPB is attempting in order for the quality of graduates from the program generated over this type of education is really the equivalent of a regular bachelor graduates from the same major, because the quality assurance standards that are used in the educational process using the same standard with the regular Undergraduate programs. The results of the Penelisuran graduate degree Program over the Management Type indicates that the waiting time to get a job less than three months (60%), completion of studies as much as 77% less than 3 years. as many as 64% of graduates are working, 14% continuing studies Graduate Education and 14% berwirasuasta. on the basis of the suitability of the work with the educational background as much as 82% has accordingly. in order to provide the opportunity to graduate from the Academy or diploma 3 to get a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Management , then IPB FEM Management Department opened the Bachelor Over Janis management. Current Management Deprtemen IPB grabbed the accreditation of “A” with SK BAN PT NO: 004/BAN-PT/AK-XIII/S1/V/2010.

VISION And MISSION Of The Department Of Management


Be implementing a leading academic high berkopetensi in manejemen and covering the areas of marketing, finance, production, operations and human resources that have the insight, comprehensive thinking ability of qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as entrepreneurial spirited


  • Develop human resources with the skills of communication, computing, economics and entrepreneurship high.
  • Develop science-based management of technical computing, economy, social, sikologis and systems.
  • Develop Department with discipline and ethics of scientific management and professional.


  1. Analyze and evaluate the decisions in the field of marketing, financial human resources and production/operations in solving problems of an organization which is based on studies by the economic, accounting and agriculture science literacy and mathematics.
  2. Designing the managerial decisions in the fields of marketing, finance, human resources and production/operations, to produce organizational performance that is capable of berdadaptasi to change the system and environment.
  3. Communicate and coordinate the results and risks the empirical evidence-based decision-making by making use of information and communication technologies, both independently as well as in groups.
  4. Pick and carry out managerial decisions objectively, honestly berintergritas responsible and professional.


  • Human resource management.
  • Financial management.
  • Marketing management.
  • Production and operations management


The location of the campus undergraduate conducting special management (Management Extensions) are located on the campus of IPB Baranangsiang. that location has advantages including:

  • Located in the Centre of Bogor City.
  • Easy access from the freeway.
  • The atmosphere of the beautiful campus.
  • Adjacent to a variety of public facilities


  • Lecture Hall capacity 60-120 equipped teaching facilities such as LCD Projector, Wireless and whiteboards.
  • Special room Discussions, seminars and examinations Council.
  • Computer lab with Internet and LAN systems.
  • Library with online electronic journal literature and the system up to date


Teaching and learning process is carried out through a system of lectures, practical work, tutorials, discussions, lectures and seminars tailored to the needs of every course. The form consists of teaching practical discussions in the classroom/tutorial and practical work in the computer lab.

Undergraduate lecture activities Over different types of Management was held on the campus of IPB at Baranang Siang.

Lecture time is as follows:

  • Monday until Friday: 16.00-23.00 pm
  • Saturday: 7.00 am – 5.00 pm EST


  • United Kingdom Language Club
  • Business Club
  • Club Statistics And Information Technology
  • Club Marketing Communication

Requirements For Registration

  1. Graduate D3 from courses that are already accredited and relevant.
  2. Minimum GPA of applicants 3.00.
  3. year of graduation diplomas take precedence the last 3 years.

Applicants who pass the written Examination stated and accepted by IPB Regristrasi Obligatory according to the schedule Specified by bringing Requirements that include:

  1. 2 of Copy of diplomas and Transcripts Are Legalised and show the original document.
  2. proof of Paid admission and tuition fees.
  3. Healthy affidavits from the RS Government.
  4. Educational Fee/Promissory Letter Statement Of Scholarship From The Institution Authorities.
  5. Licence Leadership If It Works.
  6. Letter Kesedian Attending In Full.
  7. Latest photos of size 3×4 cm (5 pieces) red background and copy of ID CARD Sheet 3.