Profile of Regular Undergraduate Program in Department of Management

The relevance of the curriculum to the needs of the job market
The curriculum has been awarded to graduates generally are relevant to the job. Nevertheless, there are courses at the level of preparation of the joint (TPB) rated less relevant to Management directly such as biology, chemistry, and physics.
The required competencies Community Graduates
  1. The sequence of the most important criteria in the selection of the initial applicants Graduate Management according to companies/agencies is the GPA, experience, work experience, organisation of courses taken, the topic of the thesis and motivation.
  2. Things are rated by companies among others have good personality, ability to communicate, being able to spoken and written in collaboration (teamwork), working hard and smart, foreign language proficiency, such as the United Kingdom and Chinese language or adapted to the company’s place of work, the ability to use computers and developing software, has a soul of lead, skills numeracy/mathematics and analytical, knowledge of specific techniques, as well as practical skills.