An Alumnus of the Department of Management of the younger successful entrepreneurs Elang Gumilang field property


The figure of an Elang Gumilang provide inspiration for the young entrepreneur and also the young ones will start to do business. Many of the articles – articles that review on the journey of life. But few who viewed from the Department or Department of exactly what is he?.

Elang Gumilang is an alumnus of Department Management FEM IPB, which already has wirasusaha soul since his teens, namely since high school, His managed to become a student of management without the test thanks to his success in winning a competition organised by the Economics Faculty of Economics and management of IPB. Since entering college until finally managed to graduate and become a milyuder, it’s been a few efforts that he get into business of shoes, cooking oil, lamps, and a last one to cultivate the business property which jacked up its business, with the property that is home to the poor. The results of the new alumni and student meeting some time ago, the impression and message of his when during college with a student Management FEM IPB his can form his own and managed to get the answer to the question about life.