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MAN 201 Introduction  to Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: --

Provide basic knowledge management that includes understanding, elements of function, flow and character management; and management processes through the function approaches, systems, techniques, and management behavior, environmental factors that influence the implementation of management.

Jono M .Munandar


MAN211 Introduction to Accounting 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: --

Introduce and provide basic knowledge of accounting; principle; pencaatan techniques of accounting and financial report preparation berupaneraca; statements of income and equity pemilikdalam persahaan services; perusahaandagang and manufacturing.

Farida R. Dewi


MAN343  Strategic Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN213, MAN221, MAN232, MAN241

Discuss the direction of the company; internal and external factors; formulation, implementation and evaluation strategies; globalization and special topics in management of the company.

Mimin Aminah


MAN221 Marketing Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN201

Discusses the process of management (management) pemasaan goods and services, and linkages with other functions within the company; development of the marketing concept and philosophy and background; discussion started on marketing mix (the mix) as a basis for setting marketing strategy; understanding the role of consumer behavior; marketing communications; competitive strategy; market structure; and marketing concepts that berkembangn today.

Jono M. Munandar


 MAN212 Cost Accounting 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN211

Provide understanding and knowledge of the cost function; concepts and classification of costs; basic pricing of products; control costs and cost behavior of both the companies that produce goods and services.

Wita J. Ermawati 


MAN211 Financial Management 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN201

These courses study the use, provision and use of corporate funds and other agencies with the aim of teaching participants methods and techniques menguasi analysis and management decisions affecting the financial performance confronted. The main subjects include the definition and basic principles; systems and environmental finance; risk; returns and portfolio; assessment techniques of money; securities and projects; costs and capital structure; dividend policy; analysis and financial planning; working capital management; short-term funding; medium and long; deviratif securities and financial restructuring.

Budi Purwanto


MAN231 Quantitative Methods for Management 3 (2-3)

- Prerequisite: --

Discusses methods of quantitative analysis for decision making and solving management issues including the definition and scope of quantitative methods in management (Management Science); linear planning; transportation problems and assignment (Assignment); transhipment, goal programming, network models work (Networik); PERT and CPM; shortest route; Minimum Spanning Tree Problem of Maximal Flow Problem; and decision making analysis. 

Heti Mulyati



MAN241 Human Resource Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN201

These courses provide an understanding of theories and concepts of human resource management in the enterprise and on the analysis of problems of human resource development to improve efficiency and competitiveness, covering topics like, analysis of office, presonil planning and recruitment, orientation and training, quality management and productivity , assess performance, manage kareier, set ranacangan payments, labor relations and collective bargaining, and human resource management strategies.

Erlin Trisyulianti



MAN314 Management Accounting 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN212

These courses discuss further the knowledge of the principles and methods of financial accounting in the container for making management decisions; the role of accounting in organsasi; connection fee; wolume business and profits; budgeting and responsibility accounting.

Abdul Kohar Irwanto



MAN232 Management dan Operation Production 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN201

These courses provide an understanding of various theories, concepts and techniques for managing production and operations activities to produce goods and services competitive, which includes a discussion such as production and operations management in the company, teipe and characteristics of the type of production system and service system characteristics, the forecast for production and operations, planning and supervision Investor raw material requirements planning, JIT systems, quality assurance, implementation of TQM, product design / process and peilihan teknoloti, capacity planning, location and distribus and operations and corporate strategy.

Heti Mulyati


 MAN335 Management Information System 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN213, MAN221, MAN232, MAN241

This subject discusses the role of the SIM such as managing information, the systems approach to problem solving (analysis, design, implementation, and usage), data processing systems, computer-based information systems and applications according to company functions. The system includes functional information marketing information system, manufacturing information systems and human resource information systems.

M.  Syamsun




 MAN334 Decision Making Techniques 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN231

These courses provide an understanding of systematic thinking process in problem solving and decision making; analysis of the situation, the analysis of problems; analysis and decision analysis persolahan potensisal in various conditions containing a specific risk.

Pramono D.. Fewidarto 




 MAN242 Organizational Behavior 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN241

Provides a description of human behavior in organizations, both as individuals, as kelompoik, or in a larger unity, the factors that influence the effectiveness of the organization with the human sumbeerdaya control problem (job redesign and enrichment, power and control, motivation, leadership value (value ) and culture), and organizational behavior in relation to the change (group influence, group norms and group complience and intergroup relations dankonflik).

Siti Rahmawati 



 Management Research Methods 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite:-MAN213, MAN221, MAN232, MAN241

This gives students the ability and skills in understanding, merencang and planning, and plans to write a scientific research in the field of management, which includes the research process, literature search, formulating a problem, deepening of the concept, hypothesis formulation, research design, sampling (sampling), the process and data collection instruments, case studies, participatory studies, writing a research plan, processing and analyzing data, making conclusions and report writing and presentation.

Team Final Project



MAN316 Risk Management 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN213

These courses discuss the general business risk faced by the perusahaank identification and risk measurement methods; property; obligations and human resources to risk; risks and management organization; decision-making; and tackle the crisis in a comprehensive manner the company.

Abdul  Kohar Irwanto 



 MAN323 International Marketing 3 (3-0)

MAN221 Prerequisite: MAN221

International marketing is the application of marketing management principles in the international market which has environmental, institutional, political, economic and different. Lingkngan difference in the adjustment requires the use of technology / marketing. In this subject will be discussed international trade theory; system of international trade; environmental factors and their impact on pamasaran system contained in one country; NIC experience in using export sales as the main supporting factors of development (export led development), and the stages of export marketing strategies of many new industries.

Mamun Sarma 


MAN424 Customer Behavior 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN201

This subject discusses the various approaches menganai consumer behavior; purchase and consumers; buying decisions in the family; customer relationship with the type of goods; affect consumer choices; consumer perceptions and influence of advertising; market segmentation; market segmentation and consumption of food; of children as consumers; class social and consumer behavior and customer relationships with the kinds of goods.

Mimin Aminah 


MAN322 Marketing Research 3 (2-3)

Prerequisite: MAN221

Discuss the ins and outs of marketing research as tools in the management of the marketing function; research design; methods of data collection; analysis and presentation of research results.

Mamun Sarma


 MAN315 Financial Institutions Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN201

Provides comprehensive and practical understanding of management of banking and allocation of funds as a financial intermediary institutions (financial intermediaries); understanding of fund products and services; foreign exchange and credit associated with the risk level of discussion is happening inside and comprehension level of the bank's health.

Budi Purwanto


MAN333 Quality Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN232, MAN241

This subject and discuss the concept of quality systems; method of determining the quality; application of quality management techniques and quality management systems; the production process and waste generated, planning, waste handling and control.

Musa Hubeis 


 MAN303 Professional Communication 2 (2-0)

Prasyarat: - Prerequisite: --

This subject discusses the concept of social communication and work / business include inter and intra communication prersonal, presentation techniques, technical solutions, negotiation, public relations, multimedia for professional communication facility.

Musa Hubeis 


 MAN402 Corporate Ethics 3 (3-0)

Prasyarat: Prerequisite:

Discussed the normative behaviors and attitudes that should be done in the business; manner in a business association that serve as values and norms.

Musa Hubeis 


 MAN 345Analysis and Development Position 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN241

Provides an understanding of the meaning, role and importance of the position analysis in determining the policies in the field of integrated human resources, so as to guarantee the achievement of organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Erlin Trisyulianti 


 MAN336 Project Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN232

Discuss the philosophy and concepts of project management, system development cycle; organizational behavior; systems and procedures for project implementation and engineering business.

Musa Hubeis


MAN406  Knowledge Management 3 (3-0)

Prerequisite: MAN241

Provide insight into the theories and concepts of knowledge management and strategic role for companies to increase effectiveness and competitive advantages, which include topics such as the strategic role of management knowledge, knowledge management systems; creative process knowledge within the company; corporate knowledge assets; prospective technologies for knowledge management; mapping phase of knowledge management, knowledge management and guiding business strategy; analysis and auditing knowledge of the company; knowledge management team; sistemmanajemen development of knowledge, dissemination of knowledge within the company; strukktur management of change and exchange; knowledge management performance measurement.

Anggraini Sukmawati


MAN492 Seminar

Prasyarat: - Prerequisite: --

Improving analytical capabilities related to scientific fields, integrating knowledge and experience expressed in the form of scientific writing can be accounted for, either through research, internships and combination, as well as similar activities are equivalent to ataupunmagang research.

Supervising lecturer


 MAN493 Thesis

- Prerequisite: --

Improving analytical capabilities related to scientific fields, integrating knowledge and experience expressed in the form of scientific writing can be accounted for, either through research, internships and combination, as well as similar activities are equivalent to atapun research internship.

Supervising lecturer