Collaboration with Rumah Zakat

Kerjasama Dept. Manajemen dengan Rumah Zakat

Department of Management has initiated to cooperate with Rumah Zakat (RZ) in terms of education, research and community service. RZ is an international philanthropic institution based on professional empowerment. Established on 1998, RZ has played an active role in building international philanthropic networks, facilitating community independence and optimizing all aspects of resources through human excellence. By optimizing Zakat, Infaq, shadaqah, waqf and other philanthropic sources, RZ develops integrated empowerment programs. All programs are implemented through integrated region-based empowerment (Integrated Community Development / ICD).

Cooperation with Rumah Zakat

Integrated Community Development  / ICD is a process of empowerment through an integrated program in accordance with the characteristics of a particular region and time. The ICD area is at the village level which is given assistance for a maximum of 5 years. The village that is assisted was termed as the Assisted Village; while the program it self is termed as the Empowered Village.
The Department of Management has made approach to cooperate with RZ Managers at the national level at RZ office, Bandung City. Both parties have begun to work together to help assisting villages in Pamoyanan Urban Village, Bogor City. The assisting activities are providing advice and facilitation for the development of the Assisted Villages’ SME product market.

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The collaboration between Department of Management and RZ has been begun since April 2018 until now. The next step of the collaboration are to provide periodic training and more intensive mentoring. The Department of Management Students will also be involved and take part, both to support their learning activity (field practice) and for internships and final assignments activities.

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