Day 4 – Visiting Bukalapak and Hara Tech. Headquarter


Day 4 – Visiting Bukalapak and Hara Tech. Headquarter

The fourth day of SAMI 2019 was visiting companies in South Jakarta area. Wes started the day at 6.30 AM and the first destination was BukaLapak office in Kemang, South Jakarta. We arrived at 9 AM and it was a great office designed for the younger generation to have fun environment in working. Many participants were taking photos and they explored the office, because of the unique design.

The first presentation started at 9.30 AM and it was about BukaGlobal which is presented by Eric Sam as the Cross Border Logistics. BukaGlobal is a collaborative program between BukaLapak and Indonesian Government to boost the Indonesian export by providing international transaction access for Indonesian people abroad. There are many Indonesian people living and working abroad and maybe they miss Indonesian food and/or product(s). This is the main background in creating BukaGlobal, so many Indonesian people abroad can buy Indonesian product(s) directly from Indonesia. At this time, BukaGlobal is still in developing stage to provide a great experience for customers and can only be accessed in several countries, such as Malaysia, HongKong, Taiwan, and Brunei Darussalam. Further goal of BukaGlobal is to expand the accessibility for more countries.

The second presentation was about BukaLapak itself by Dellyna Septia as the Senior Product Manager. She explained about a little history of BukaLapak and the main value that they uphold most which is creating sustainable and collaborative cooperation with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as their main partner. BukaLapak believes that SMEs must be supported and can be upgraded to compete with modern economy using technology. Then, it was finished with taking photos together had some snacks and continued our trip to the second destination.

The next company that we visited was Hara. Hara is a start up company that connects rural smallholder farmers with banks, insurance companies and input producer through data, by simply sharing the usually hard to obtain data.