Fita Wahyuningsih managed Full scholarship funded during the exchange


My name is Fita Wahyuningsih, a management student IPB force 52. I born in Bengkulu, 05 May 1996. Iam 4th son of 4 children. From the little I had been obsessed to be out of the country what more can get scholarship for study outside is one of my biggest dreams. So if any poster about exchange seminars or conference definitely I try to join the seminar. Until I found info there will be a seminar on SHARE scholarship at AHN, I immediately fill the bitly register as participants. Get a lot of info about the requirement to apply as a candidate for the exchange, I began to prepare the files one by one with other interested friends. I also met with my supervisor Professor directly and komdik to discuss about the exchange and transfer of credit matakuliah. After the file is complete and checked by the Coordinator of the exchange, the file submission LOA I sent to univ wrote I’d like. Some time waiting, thank God my LOA out of Payap University, Thailand. Then apply the law of attraction and other files to platform SHARE scholarship. While continuing to pray, actually had a doubt would qualify because the other candidates also hehe very good all. Until the day in Announces, I managed to get a Full scholarship funded during the exchange. Seriously yg is very valuable opportunity for me, and I am so grateful to God Almighty over all smooth yg give. Thank you also to all the many lecturers lecturers Guide, assist and give advice as well as compatriots yg friends always give info-info about file yg need.